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FAQ's & T's & C's: FAQ

Do you travel to locations?

I certainly do!
Just keep in mind though that travel costs will impact your overall cost total which may in turn impact your budget.
Travel is a $75 flat fee for 50km each way, then it is a per km rate from there.

Can you assist me in my DIY?

I can assist from any stage of your planning.
I can even come in at different stages, my customised plans give you hours to spend at heavily reduced hourly rates.
So you may want me to help you plan and design your day, then come back in for your setup and packdown.

What hire items do you have?

I have a vast range, even if you think you can't find the look you're after with what you've seen pictured, ask for some mock-ups, you may be surprised at alternatives.

What if I break something?

Breakages are billed at their replacement costs.

What is your length of hire?

Length of hire can be very flexible if someone else hasn't booked the same items, but usually 3 - 7 days, longer if agreed by both parties.

Do you deliver and collect?

I certainly do!
I need to know that this service will be needed so I can book the trailer.
There is a cost to this service.

What decor styles do you cater to?

I can design, plan and style any decor style. My hire collection is based on rustic, vintage and boho.

Do you have plans/packages?

You'll find them on their own page, Design a Plan' from the header.

Will I need to pay a deposit and sign a contract?

Yes to a deposit, it is charged at 25%.
The terms and conditions will be your contract with Rustically Chic.

What if I cancel my hire agreement?

There will only be a cancellation fee if the cancellation is within one month of your hire date.

Do you have payment plans?

Payment plans can be discussed.

Can I use your services without hiring your products?

Hell yes!
Your day is your day, you need it to be how you've dreamed, and my hire items may not be the style you are going with.
I go with the flow!

Can I just hire your products without services?

Again, hell yes!
However you've planned your day is what is right for you, there are no expectations from a client without request.

Would you be able to make bespoke table centerpieces?

Of course!
(Providing it's achievable).
Another reason I offer a design service.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes I do, it's at our home in Hororata, 20 mins from Rolleston, 35 mins from Hornby and Ashburton Racecourse.
I have set hours advertised but you're more than welcome to schedule a viewing in the evenings and weekends.

Do you do florals only?

Sure do!
I have a vast selection of faux florals which I love to team up with real foliage to keep your costs down.
If you'd like to provide your own fresh, dried or faux I can style them for you.

Do you have table and chair hire?

No, but can source these for you within my design service.
With so many other vendors providing these, and of course most venues, it seemed irrelevant to my hire collection.
I do however have assorted tables and chairs for displays and lounging.

Will you help plan a backyard wedding?

There honestly is no wedding or event in any location that isn't worthy of my services.

If you're thinking intimate or small for your wedding or event, way to go!!!!

What guest number does Rustically Chic cater to?

5 - 80 guests

Intimate, small, and medium sized weddings.

Bigger depending on requirements.

Do you do Wedding Planning?

Yes I do!
I can source your vendors, and in some instances if I feel your look will benefit the collection I may buy a product especially, so please feel free to ask the question.

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FAQ's & T's & C's: Image

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions set out below are a requirement by Rustically Chic Decor Hire for both your hire period, and/or any services Rustically Chic Decor Hire provides.
Acceptance of these Terms and Conditons will be accepted in any of the following forms, verbally, written, signing the Terms and Conditons Document, or payment, with payment being the deposit or payment in full, of the agreed hire products and/or agreed services.
If, by mutual agreement, Rustically Chic Decor Hire adjusts these written Terms and Conditions for the Hiree, either verbally, written or signing the adjustments in the Terms and Conditions Document, both parties, the Hirer, and the Hiree, are consenting to all the Hire and Service Terms and Conditons set out below, as well as the adjusted terms and conditions of this agreement.


Hire and Service Quotes are valid for 14 days.
Accepted quotes can be modified or changed with the agreement of both parties, either as above, or a new quote can be provided.
Quotes may be subject to change if any agreed aspect of your quote changes, ie: mileage, work hours, product hire or service requirements. These changes may be either increased or decreased.

Hire Care

  • The hire period is 3 days, longer periods can be discussed.

  • All hire items are to be stored inside before and after use, absolutley NO overnight exposure.

  • The hire items are the sole responsibility of the hiree until returned or collected.

  • Hire items must be returned as they were collected or delivered, ie: in the same packaging, in the same conditon, and in the same quanitity.

  • Any missing, broken, or any items needing commercial cleaning will be charged at replacement cost, or forwarded the cleaning fees.

  • All hire items remain the property of Rustically Chic Decor Hire.


  • Deposit - a 25% deposit is required for your agreed hire products and/or services. The deposit will only turn into a non-refundable deposit if you cancel. See Cancellation below.

  • Balance - the remaining balance is to be paid no later than 2 weeks after your hire period began.

  • Late Fees - will apply to any remaining balance not paid  2 weeks after your hire period began. The fees will be applied at 15% of the final hire and/or service price each week until the remaining balance is paid. If you have failed to provide payment 1 month after your reamining balance was due, I will lodge a claim within the courts and there will be an added admin fee of $250, which includes loss time, time, and court fees.

  • Unreturned Items - items not returned 5 days after your hire period will be assumed bought, and the full replacment cost will be invoiced to,you unless there is communication between both parties' to avoid such charges.

  • Late Drop Offs - or items not ready for collection, need to be communicated or rehire fees will apply.

  • Payments - can be made via bank deposit or cash.

  • Cancellation - in the unfortunate event that you need to cancel, it is advisable to inform us as soon as possible, in not doing so you may be billed for any hire items that could of been hired.

  • Postponement - your postponement will be no problem providing there are no other bookings on your selected hire itrems.

  • Damages - damages, breakages, and loss sometimes happen whilst hiring items, and they will be billed at replacement cost, repair cost, or cleaning costs. A copy of the replacement, repair, oir cleaning receipt will be emailed along with your damages invoice, which needs to be paid without delay.

Hire Items

It is of utmost importance that the Hire Items you view, and agree on hiring for your special day are of the same quality, quanity, colours, and design that we have designed, and you have agreed upon, so I will get you to check over the items either on your pick-up or my delivery. If for any reason, our timelines do not cross, I will photograph and send through to you when your hired items are packed, that way we can adjust any inaccuracies.

Services and Plans

Rustically Chic Decor Hire provides quality service and plans that you can customise, if you feel that any service or customised plan is not meeting your requirements, it would be most appreciated and welcomed that such matters are communicated between both parties as to remedy as soon as possible, there is always a solution.

Injury or Damage

Rustically Chic Decor Hire accepts no responsibility for any injury that may occur to any person, or damage that may occur to any property involved with the hire items, under any circumstance, whilst in the hirees care and hire period.

FAQ's & T's & C's: List
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